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play therapy

PLAY THERAPY (3-10 year-old)

What is Play Therapy?

Children find it difficult to express their feelings and experiences as the same way as adults do. Children use play as a natural medium of communication. Children are able to express their feelings, needs and desires through play. An understanding of children’s play provides cues to help the therapist to get connected to the inner world of the child. In the caring, respecting and encouraging atmosphere, children are able to “play-out” their feelings and engage in the self-healing process.

What children learn in play therapy:

  1. Children learn to genuinely express themselves.

  2. Children learn to be more creative, and develop more trust in themselves.

  3. Children learn to be more responsible to their own choices.

  4. Children learn to develop a more positive self-concept.

Does it mean that my child has illness or abnormality when he/she is in play therapy?

Play therapy is not limited to children with “issues”. It has been demonstrating significantly positive results with various children. Play therapy helps children to develop positive self-concept and resilience.

How can I help my child?

The Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) model developed by Dr. Garry Landreth is by nature a short-term child-centered play therapy intervention. Parents learn the basic child-centered play therapy principles and skills, and they practice a weekly 30-minunte special play time with their child at home. The effectiveness of CPRT is compelling.

For parents who needs to join CPRT parenting group:

For child who needs to seek Play Therapy Service:

For school which needs School-based Play Therapy Service:

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