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Hong Kong Professional Counseling & Consulting Association (HKPCCA) has offered play therapy and counseling services to the local community, while also training up hundreds of professional play therapists and counselors along the way to help out the people in need since 2015. 

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As a result of living in a fast-paced and competitive society, the concern for the mental health of people from Hong Kong is growing. As such, HKPCCA has been offering services to help thousands of people to enhance their psychological well-being with professionals trained from our programs since the year of 2015. Today, our organization continues to help children with professional play therapy services, adolescents and adults with professional psychological counseling services, as well as training up professionals with training programs for play therapists and counselors. 


PCCA is the first organization to provide play therapy services in primary schools in Hong Kong since the year of 2015. The director of HKPCCA, Ms. Tiffany Li, is a counseling psychologist and play therapist. Our professional team of psychologists, play therapists and counselors have provided services to thousands of clients to enhance their mental health. 


Our professional team helps children to resolve their emotional and behavioral problems as well as building more adaptive characters. We have also been helping adolescents and adults to become more psychological healthy individuals. With the core value to provide the most professional services to the local community as possible, we have also trained hundreds of play therapists and counselors during the past years to support our professional services. 


“We believe that every person is worthy of being understood, accepted and respected. Therefore, we aim to walk with each of our clients in his/her life journey with deep empathy, acceptance, and respect.” Stated Tiffany. 


For the children who are experiencing all kinds of issues, they may have unprocessed emotions and needs that they are not able to communicate verbally, hence using inappropriate ways to express themselves and causing “headaches” to their caretakers. Our play therapists strive to understand the children’s needs beneath their behaviors and support them to express and process their emotions, learning to trust themselves and solve problems independently, developing self-respect, self-control and self-esteem within a therapeutic environment. During this process, we also meet parents in regular parent consultations to support their parenting at home. 


For people who live in Hong Kong, it is inevitable that they may face stressful life events, transitions or even mental disorders. As such, our counselors aspire to help the clients to work through the difficult situations or mental health symptoms in a supportive therapeutic environment. Even for those that are not necessarily facing a specific problem in life, they may get confused in this fast-paced society and need to seek self-discovery and self-improvement. Our counselors are also to help these clients to develop more self-understanding and make them feel more confident to face the challenges in life. 


Our team believes that each individual is capable of solving their own problems and taking control of their own lives. Our team has helped thousands of clients in need from the local community. Most of the parents of children we helped have reported significant reductions of problems and improvements of characters in their children, while many adults we helped have reported positive changes in their psychological well-being and even life-changing self-growth. 


We continue our mission to help the children to resolve their problems and build their characters, as well as helping the adolescents and adults in the local community to become more psychologically healthy individuals that are able to handle difficulties in life. 

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