Hong Kong Professional Counseling & Consulting Association was established in 2015. It is a professional psychological counseling company providing quality services in individual and group counseling, play therapy, parent education, as well as training and development of individuals and corporates’ well-being.


PCCA is the first organization to support play therapy services in primary schools in Hong Kong. The School-based Play Therapy Scheme which started off in 2016 was able to accommodate the ever growing needs in schools. We are pleased to have more than 10 schools in our service.


In 2017, PCCA organized the first play therapy conference in Hong Kong. Dr. Garry Landreth, one of the most renowned counselor educators was invited to run a 4-day play therapy workshop titled “Deeper Issues in Play Therapy”. The conference was very successful in drawing interest from the school personnel, professional helpers, NGOs, as well as various organizations within the community. In January 2018, we published Dr. Yuen’s bilingual illustrated book titled “I Go to the Playroom”, which is the first publication written both in Chinese and English languages.


Since 2015, we started the Children’s Clinic to help those families with the “Special Playtime Services”. The service is well received and becoming more and more widespread. Giving back to the community is a way to show our commitment to striving for excellence.

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