Dr. Tom Yuen, Ph.D., R.Psych


Dr. Yuen obtained his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from North Texas State University, where he studied under Dr. Garry Landreth, winner of International Society of play therapy Lifetime Achievement Award and founder of Children's Play Therapy Center in University of North Texas. He is a Registered Psychologist in British Columbia, Canada, the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the School of Psychology in Gratia Christian College, the Vice-chairman of Excel Life and Development Services, and Assistant Professor of Department of Applied Social Studies in City University of Hong Kong.


Dr. Yuan has practiced psychological counseling in the United States, Canada and Hong Kong over 30 years. He conducted a large number of researches and has insightful opinions about positive psychology, depression, personality disorder, play therapy for children, and youth issues. He has published numerous journals, chapters, and books about psychology and counseling.


He was invited to deliver talks and workshops in Hong Kong, China, Japan, United States, Canada and Europe on parenting skills, positive psychology, emotional management, leadership training and etc. He is apt at applying his knowledge of psychology to practice. His style in conducting talks and workshops is full of humor, which is highly appreciated by his audience.


Dr. Yuen puts a great effort in promoting charities and welfares. In 2008, he participated in the Sichuan earthquake reconstruction project, leading a team to provide counseling services to victims and soldiers in Chongqing hospital. He was also the former Vice-chairman of SUCCESS Board of Directors in Canada, who actively participated in the development of Canada's immigration policies and services.


Dr. Timothy T. Leung, Ph.D., R.Psych.

Honorary Consultant

Dr. Leung obtained his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from North Texas State University and is a Registered Psychologist in British Columbia, Canada.  He is the Chairman of Dr. Leung & Associates Limited, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the School of Social Work in Gratia Christian College, and Registered School Manager for all registered schools under The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China. Dr. Leung has served as senior management consultant in various capacities.  His management and consulting experience included a senior level appointment as Director of Asian Programmes and Partner of a global psychological firm in Canada, Director of Student Affairs of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Director of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.


Dr. Leung was the founding member of the Association of Psychological and Educational Counselors of Asia where he was elected Chairman of the Hong Kong branch for three years.  He also served in voluntary agencies such as: Consultant to the Disaster Response Committee for the City of Vancouver and Oral Examiner of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia.

Dr. Leung works as Consultant to the public, educational and commercial sectors.  His commercial clients range from multinational corporations, to various industries including insurance, banking and finance, high technology, service, manufacturing, public utility, etc.


Dr. Leung has a 40-year experience in coaching people to overcome their psychological barriers to success.  He has been involved in implementing leadership training programs as well as change management programs in corporations in Asia and North America.


Dr. Leung has worked in a wide range of countries in Asia, Canada, and The United States.  He has conducted over a thousand seminars and workshops in these countries.  


While living in Canada, Dr. Leung co-hosted a live phone-in radio programmed on psychological issues.  Dr. Leung has an in-depth appreciation of cross-cultural concerns, particularly the differences between the oriental and the western cultures. He co-hosted a 9-year live radio programme named "Baba Mama Sitting Down" at Metro Broadcast Hong Kong, answering phone calls on parenting issues.  


Dr. Garry Landreth, Ph.D., R.Psych.

Honorary Consultant

Dr. Landreth is internationally recognized for his writings and work with children. In 1988, Dr. Garry Landreth established the Center for Play Therapy (CPT), which has grown to become the largest play therapy training program in the world. He is the Regents Professor Emeritus in the Department of Counseling and founder of the Center for Play Therapy at the University of North Texas. Dr. Landreth is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world and has published more than 150 journal articles, books and videos including his award-winning book Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship. His model for training parents received the Best Practices in Parent/Family Education Award.


Child-centered play therapy has sprouted in Hong Kong and was introduced by Dr. Landreth for 30 years ago. PCCA is very grateful for his valuable guidance in play therapy training in Hong Kong.